Observe and Interact with Customers as they Shop

Shopper Insights

Through Georama’s platform, you can conduct shopper studies remotely from the comfort of your desk by enabling participants to share their experience with you while they are shopping in real stores. Observe your customers in real-time and interact with them remotely while they shop at any location in the world. Gain a deeper understanding of what influences today’s consumers, their thought process, motivation, and the other factors behind their decisions. Georama’s shopper insights solution can help you get richer data at greater scale and uncover new insights. Georama’s technology can also help you enhance traditional shopper intercepts and shop-alongs by broadcasting them live to stakeholders who cannot be present in person, allowing broader/extended teams to participate and contribute remotely. In addition, Georama has introduced a new form of shopper intercept - one where you can recruit customers as they make their way into a store and experience their point of view through a smartphone or smart glasses. Brands and agencies leverage Georama’s shopper insights solution not only for their own products but also to gain a competitive edge over competitors’ products.

Types of Shopper Insights

  • Shopper Intercept
  • Shop-Along
  • Mystery Shopping
  • Shopper Behavior
  • Shopper Intention
  • Shopper Satisfaction
  • Shopper Loyalty
  • Competitor Analysis

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