Observe Consumers in Their Natural Environment


Remotely observe, interact and understand how people live their lives across different geographies and cultures. Study customers’ behavior in their natural environment and identify needs that are yet to be fulfilled. Through Georama’s mobile ethnography solution, you can remotely explore cultural phenomena and observe society from multiple perspectives, providing you with a holistic view of customers. Uncover insights about the context in which customers use products and the significance of your product in their lives. Georama’s technology goes well beyond traditional mobile ethnography tools by allowing you to observe participants as they share their perspectives in live HD video through a smartphone or smart glasses - all while they are mobile in their natural environment, indoors or outdoors. When desired, you can interact with participants in real-time to ask probing questions and glean additional insights.

Types of Ethnography Studies

  • Day In The Life
  • Video/Photo Diaries
  • Demographic Studies
  • Cultural Studies

Understand Consumers Across Different Lifestyles & Cultures!