Remotely Observe and Interact with Customers in Real Time

Customer Insights

Georama’s customer insights platform provides a scalable, fast, and affordable way for brands and agencies to gather qualitative customer insights. With Georama’s platform you can remotely conduct, monitor, and analyze a variety of qualitative projects in real-time. Participants anywhere in the world can broadcast their perspective LIVE from smartphones, smart glasses, and more in reliable HD video while being completely mobile indoors and outdoors. This opens up countless possibilities for true in-the-moment research that weren’t previously feasible in areas such as customer experience, shopper insights, ethnography, and more. You can remotely observe on any device and interact with participants in real-time while they shop, use products, and more to generate deeper insights.
Georama is transforming the way customer insights are generated. Our platform offers a new option for conducting field research remotely in real-time, eliminating the need to travel and saving a significant amount of time and money, while enabling additional stakeholders to be involved. Furthermore, the ability to remotely observe participants in their natural environment not only reduces biases, but also leads to richer data and insights that go way beyond what traditional focus groups and in-depth interviews can offer. Georama’s intelligent software has the ability to automate the research gathering process, reducing the time consuming back and forth between researchers and participants, making the entire process more efficient. Moreover, Georama provides a complete solution that not only helps with capturing video data, but also analyzing that data through powerful artificial intelligence (AI) algorithms. Audio transcription, keyword analysis, sentiment analysis, video object recognition, and more are all available in the platform.

How it Works

How it Works
shopper insights

Shopper Insights

Gain a deeper understanding of shopper behavior and why shoppers are buying certain products by remotely observing and interacting with them in real-time as they shop.

customer experience

Customer Experience

Get insight into customer experience and map journeys from the point of purchase in a store, to transport back home, to opening or setting up a product, to consuming or usage.



Conduct studies on the day-in-the-life of customers from various demographic and geographic backgrounds to better understand their lifestyle, behavior, culture, and more.

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