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Remotely Monitor & Conduct Qualitative Market Research Around The World

LIVE Customer Insights

Brands and agencies can now take advantage of Georama’s live customer insights platform to remotely monitor and conduct field based qualitative market research around the world. Georama's technology eliminates the need for physical travel thereby saving a significant amount of money and time on qualitative research projects, while enabling additional stakeholders to be involved in the study.

Georama revolutionizes the way you do qualitative market research by offering a scalable and affordable option for conducting research out in the field – all done virtually, in real-time. Georama's technology can be used in two ways - directly by subjects who download the Georama market research app, or via Georama's broadcaster network around the world. A subject or broadcaster with a smartphone and Georama’s proprietary software can stream their point of view live in HD quality to researchers anywhere in world across any device. Subjects/broadcasters can be completely mobile, walking around indoors or outdoors as needed, providing great flexibility and limitless possibilities. Researchers can interact with the subject or broadcaster in real-time to control the experience based on their needs and probe for additional information when required. Multiple researchers can also interact with one another live regardless of their location, and take notes synced with the video, thereby facilitating seamless and organized remote collaboration during a research study. Data can be captured in various ways for analytics & insights, including polls and surveys that can be answered directly by subjects or via broadcasters. Live streams are private, restricted to only those who are authorized, plus are automatically recorded for on-demand viewing and documentation purposes. Furthermore, all sorts of customizations are possible based on your needs. Georama’s live customer insights platform removes the time and cost barriers to qualitative market research and provides a turnkey and scalable option to gather insights that go way beyond what traditional focus groups and ethnography can offer.


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Types of Companies That Will Benefit

  • Manufacturing
  • Retail
  • Consumer Packaged Goods
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Agencies & Consulting Firms
  • Many More!