Consulting Firms

Strategic decision making is a main tenet of consulting firm engagements. Georama helps you deliver qualitative insights to your clients in a fraction of the time, enabling them to make the right decisions with confidence. Consulting firms help clients find solutions to their toughest challenges. Many of those challenges revolve around understanding customers and ensuring that broad sections of an organization get exposure to the customer and their needs. Through Georama, your clients can interact with their customers remotely, ask questions and receive answers from them in real time, and explore virtual fieldtrips to remote locations. Georama uses artificial intelligence to reduce time to research analysis so you can focus on delivering results and insights with impact.

Georama allows you to:
  • Conduct any type of qualitative research, from in-depth interviews and focus groups, to diary studies and mobile ethnography
  • Remotely interact with participants and ask probing questions in real time
  • Record video without time or length limits to ensure you get exactly what you need
  • Conduct research with participants using a smartphone, smart glasses or a 360° camera
  • Find the moments that matter fast and generate insights more quickly

How Consulting Firms Use Georama

Market Research

Market Research

Conduct shopper insight interviews, go on virtual tag-alongs, remotely interview participants through live mobile video, and build empathy through Voice of the Customer (VOC) insights. Georama’s remote fieldwork option delivers rapid insights by allowing you to interact with participants in real time. You can also enhance in-person interviews and focus groups by recording or live streaming video, taking photos, quickly bookmarking moments and automating analysis through Georama’s artificial intelligence.


Voice of the Customer

Most of a company’s employees have little to no direct interaction with customers. As such, there can be a disconnect with what customers actually want and need. Help your clients build empathy and understand their customers through Voice of the Customer (VOC) research. Get real time insights with live interactions that help your clients better serve their customers.


Executive Exposure to Customers

Enable Executives to visit stores, interact with customers and review the employee experience all from the comfort of their own desk. Deliver VOC insights and conduct inspirational tours of facilities with Georama.

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