Brands from a range of industries use Georama to help gather deep qualitative customer insights from anywhere in the world quickly and more cost effectively. Whether you operate in Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG), Durable Goods, Retail, Pharma, Travel & Hospitality or Industrial, Georama can dramatically improve your time to insight. Qualitative research is often costly and time-consuming. Georama enables you to conduct in-depth market research live and remotely, interact with participants in real time and garner extensive customer insights, without even leaving your desk. Our artificial intelligence provides instant transcripts and video analysis so you spend less time analyzing the data and more time deciphering results and insights. Then you can easily create presentations with our drag and drop video clips, allowing you to share your findings quickly and efficiently.

Georama allows you to:
  • Remotely interact with participants and ask probing questions in real time
  • Record video without time or length limits to ensure you get exactly what you need
  • Conduct research with participants using a smartphone, smart glasses, or a 360° camera
  • Automatically generate audio transcripts, machine text/speech translation, relevant keywords and topics, brand/entity spotting, sentiment and emotion analysis, video object/scene recognition, and more
  • Find the moments that matter fast and generate insights more quickly

Types of Brands We Work With



Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG) companies use Georama for shopper insights, customer experience research, and ethnographies. With Georama you have unprecedented remote access to your customers and research participants, enabling you to interact, probe, and dig deeper to get the fastest possible insights and results.


Durable Goods

Companies in durable goods industries use Georama’s to gain insight into the purchasing habits of customers and greater understanding of customer experience and customer journeys. From shopper interviews to diary studies and ethnographies, Georama enables you to build a more complete and accurate profile of customers.


Retail and Brick-and-Mortar

Conducting market research, gaining insight into the customer/shopper experience, understanding how employees interact with customers, and more can be accomplished with Georama. Retailers and Brick-and-Mortar locations of any kind including big box, specialty, department and grocery stores, quick service restaurants and consumer banks use Georama to conduct remote and in-person fieldwork that results in faster, deeper customer/shopper insights.



With Georama, you can analyze patient journeys, interview physicians, go on virtual tag-alongs and conduct patient ethnographies. Our platform can also be used to test out medical exhibits at conferences, and interact with physicians and patients in real time, whether remote or in person.



Hotels, resorts, airlines, airports, and other companies/organizations in the travel industry use Georama to get quick, in-the-moment insights into customer experience and for more extensive research studies around customer satisfaction and experience. Through live mobile video, you can interact in real time with customers whether remotely or as an enhancement to in-person work. Understand customer’ point of view the moment they arrive at your destination or utilize your service.



Industrial companies use Georama to conduct jobsite inspections, field surveys, review how equipment is being used and interview employees. With Georama’s platform, many features can be used with a smartphone or smart glasses. Gaining a better understanding of industrial worksites has never been easier.

Want Faster Time to Insight?