About Georama

Georama's is a live mobile video insights platform that enables organizations to gather or provide insights from anywhere in the world in real-time. When people can’t physically go somewhere due to logistical or financial reasons, Georama’s patent-pending technology helps them go there virtually, in real-time through mobile and interactive live video. Our platform facilitates broadcasting live video in HD quality with low latency and superior reliability from smartphones, smart glasses, and 360˚ cameras. Viewers can watch from any device, whether it be smartphones, tablets, computers, or VR headsets, and interact in real-time for an authentic and personalized experience. Georama is used for a variety of customer insights and location insights, to enhance learning and help people make better decisions while saving time & money.


Our Team

Georama has offices in Chicago and India. Our team is diverse, experienced, and driven to build a platform that will change the world. Between everyone, the team has traveled to over 100 countries. Some are serious artists. Others are actual tech nerds. A couple have worked on Hollywood films and thrifty documentaries. One was an international tennis all-star. Another used to be a bodybuilder. All have a thirst for travel. And two swear they will absolutely never go skydiving.

All in all, Georama is a killer startup team – one that is often idealized about. We are backed by incredible advisors and investors. And we’re confident that we will be the ones to impact the way the world travels – for good.