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What is Georama?

Georama is an end-to-end qualitative insights platform that provides brands, agencies and consulting firms a fast and affordable way to generate deeper customer insights at global scale. Clients use Georama to remotely observe and interact with customers as they shop for, use or consume products in their natural environment; conduct video interviews or focus groups; and enhance in-person fieldwork. Georama makes qualitative research scalable by providing the ability to remotely capture insights in real-time combined with powerful artificial intelligence (AI) that makes it fast and easy to find and present the insights that matter most.


Participants/respondents or field staff from anywhere in the world can broadcast their perspective LIVE from smartphones, smart glasses or 360° cameras in reliable HD video while completely mobile indoors and outdoors, or via A/V equipment at a facility. Clients can observe on any device and probe/interact in real-time to better understand customers. Georama also provides access to other media options including recorded video, photos, and audio. Georama’s AI automatically transcribes audio, generates relevant keywords and topics, recognizes video objects and scenes, provides sentiment analysis and more. Clients can easily create a visual presentation by dragging and dropping video clips, enabling them to present their findings quickly.

Deeper Customer Insights
Anywhere in the World
Faster Time to Insight
Significantly Reduce Cost

Get Deeper Insights Faster & Cheaper!

Customer Insights Platform

Georama's platform enables brands and agencies to generate deeper in-the-moment insights globally.

Customer Insights Platform

Platform Features

Complete Solution

Conduct any type of qualitative research, from in-depth interviews & focus groups, to diary studies & mobile ethnography

Flexible Data Capture

Conduct research using smartphones, smart glasses, 360° cameras, or A/V Equipment depending on your needs

All Media Types

Capture any form of media including videos, photos, and audio whether live or recorded and with no limit on time/length

Live HD Video

Live high definition video delivered with low latency for a great viewing experience plus automatic recording in the cloud

Unmatched Reliability

Best-in-class reliability by boosting or combining cellular and/or Wi-Fi networks as needed to aggregate bandwidth

Real-time Interaction

Remotely interact with participants in real-time to ask probing questions, and privately chat with other viewers

Powerful AI Analysis

Automatically get transcripts, translation, relevant keywords/topics, sentiment/emotion analysis, visual object/scene recognition

Research Automation

Setup sophisticated automation to conduct multiple sessions with participants over time without any back and forth

Visual Presentation Builder

Easily create a visual presentation by dragging and dropping automatically generated video clips in the cloud

How It Works