Field Training & Research

The Next Best Thing To Physically Being There

LIVE Virtual Tours

Companies can now take advantage of Georama’s live virtual tours solution to deliver personalized and mobile virtual experiences to employees, customers, partners, and more. When people can’t travel where they want to go due to time, budget, or other reasons, Georama’s technology helps them travel there virtually in an instant.

Georama revolutionizes the way you do business by offering scalable and affordable options for training/familiarization and research out in the field – all done virtually, in real-time. A guide or host with a smartphone and Georama’s proprietary software can stream their point of view in HD to viewers anywhere in the world across any device. Viewers can interact with the guide/host in real-time to control the experience based on their needs, and data can be captured in various ways for analytics & insights. The guide/host is mobile and is able to walk around indoors or outdoors, and interview others as needed, providing complete flexibility. Streams can be made private and restricted to only those who are authorized, plus can be recorded for on-demand viewing. Furthermore, all sorts of customizations are possible based on the use case. Georama’s live virtual tours provide your employees, customers, and partners the next best thing to being there, while saving time and money.

A Better Option For Field Training & Research!

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Types of Companies That Will Benefit

  • Manufacturing
  • Retail
  • Consumer Packaged Goods
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Agencies & Brands
  • Many More!