About Georama

Georama is a live mobile video platform that provides an alternative to travel. When people can’t physically go somewhere due to logistical or financial reasons, Georama’s patent-pending technology helps them go there virtually, in real-time through mobile and interactive live video that is authentic and personalized - it's the next best thing to being there! Our enterprise platform helps organizations facilitate live mobile broadcasts in HD quality with low latency and superior reliability from a smartphone, wearable camera, or 360˚ camera to viewers across any device, whether it be smartphones, tablets, computers, or VR headsets. Viewers can interact with broadcasters in real-time to ask questions and make suggestions thereby controlling the experience as if they were there. Georama is used for education, site inspections, market research, and more to enhance learning and help people make better decisions while saving time & money.


Our Team

Georama has offices in Chicago and India. Our team is diverse, experienced, and driven to build a platform that will change the world. Between everyone, the team has traveled to over 100 countries. Some are serious artists. Others are actual tech nerds. A couple have worked on Hollywood films and thrifty documentaries. One was an international tennis all-star. Another used to be a bodybuilder. All have a thirst for travel. And two swear they will absolutely never go skydiving.

All in all, Georama is a killer startup team – one that is often idealized about. We are backed by incredible advisors and investors. And we’re confident that we will be the ones to impact the way the world travels – for good.