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Live Mobile Video Tours


Georama is an enterprise platform which facilitates mobile & interactive live video tours that are authentic & personalized. Our technology is used to enhance learning and help people make better decisions while saving time & money.

There are two ways to work with Georama:

License Our Technology

Do it yourself for full control

Get an installation of our technology including the hardware, software, embed code, and admin panel. Select from a variety of custom features based on your use case and embed the experience on your website. Facilitate an unlimited amount of live video tours conducted by your representatives.


Book Live Tours

Our turnkey "Teleportation as a Service"

Book live tours delivered by Georama’s guide network in over 50 cities worldwide. Use one of Georama’s booking platforms listed below (more coming soon) to select and book as many tours as you like with no additional work required. White-label option available for partners and large clients.

Technology Overview

Mobile & Interactive Live Video Tours


Key Features

Live HD Video

Live high definition video for a great viewing experience along with automatic recording for VOD

Low Latency

Low-latency streaming in one-to-many applications in order to enable true real-time interaction

Stabilized Video

Gyroscope stabilized video to facilitate a smooth and steady viewing experience

Increased Reliability

Increased reliability by combining cellular and/or Wi-Fi networks simultaneously to aggregate bandwidth

Real-time Interaction

Viewers engage in real-time via comments, questions, and more for a personalized experience

Cross Platform

Viewable across all devices – computers, tablets, smartphones, and virtual reality headsets

Seamless Integration

Integrate the experience into your website with a simple copy/paste of an embed code

In-Depth Analytics

Know who’s watching, when, and where; create custom forms, surveys & polls to get to know your viewers

Specialized Software

Specialized enterprise-grade software for each vertical with various customization options and a robust admin panel

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Industry Spotlight: Education

Georama’s technology is used across the following key areas within the education industry:


Facilitate personalized & authentic live video campus tours & faculty interviews for prospective students who can’t make a physical visit (Higher Education).

Curriculum Enhancement

Bring the outside world into the classroom via live interactive virtual field trips conducted by experts and tailored to curriculum (K-12 and Higher Education).

Career Pathways

Enable live interactive tours of workplaces and engagement with professionals to expose students to a variety of career options (K-12 and Higher Education).

Organizations that are LIVE with Georama

Georama’s technology is utilized by educational institutions, tourism organizations, corporations, and more to facilitate live interactive virtual experiences. Here are just a few of our awesome clients: