The world is
and full of amazing
places and experiences.
Most of us only get to experience
a tiny fraction of what is out there.
But Georama is changing that…
Imagine if you could be
in the world at anytime?
Our patent pending technology
enables you to experience the world
vicariously in real-time.
On one end there are guides,
who use our technology and a wearable camera to
effectively live stream their point of view while moving around freely.
And on the other end there are
explorers like you,
who can interact with these guides in real-time to control
what you see and get a personalized experience.
Georama currently works with clients in the travel and education industries to help them
inspire, educate, and entertain
using this and other technologies we have built over the last few years.
Georama Business Solutions
In the near future, we will bring our technology to everyone and
help people experience the world
anywhere, anytime