LIVE Virtual Experiences Using Georama

Engage directly with your target audience, facilitate personalized tours for improved decision making or education, and capture insightful analytics. The future of video is here – how will you take advantage of it?

How LIVE Georama Video Works

Not only can viewers tune in live across their phones, computers, and tablets, they can interact in real-time.
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Live HD Video

Live high definition video with low latency for a great viewing experience

Cross Platform

Viewable across all devices – computers, tablets, smartphones, and virtual reality headsets

Real-time Interaction

Viewers engage in real-time via comments and questions for a personalized experience

Seamless Integration

Embed the experience into your website with a simple copy/paste

Smooth & Reliable

Gyroscope stabilized video and increased reliability by combining multiple networks simultaneously

In-Depth Analytics

Know who’s watching, when, and where; create custom forms, surveys & polls to get to know your viewers

Organizations That Are LIVE with Georama

Georama’s technology is utilized by educational institutions, tourism organizations, and more to facilitate live interactive virtual experiences.

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