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Georama is an enterprise platform which facilitates mobile & interactive live video tours that are authentic & personalized. Our technology is used to enhance learning and help people make better decisions while saving time & money.

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How It Works

Mobile & Interactive Live Video Tours


Key Technology Features

Live HD Video

Live high definition video for a great viewing experience

Low Latency

Low-latency streaming in one-to-many applications in order to enable true real-time interaction

Stabilized Video

Gyroscope stabilized video to facilitate a smooth and steady viewing experience

Increased Reliability

Increased reliability by combining cellular and/or Wi-Fi networks simultaneously to aggregate bandwidth

Real-time Interaction

Viewers engage in real-time via comments, questions, and more for a personalized experience

Cross Platform

Viewable across all devices – computers, tablets, smartphones, and virtual reality headsets

Seamless Integration

Integrate the experience into your website with a simple copy/paste of an embed code

In-Depth Analytics

Know who’s watching, when, and where; create custom forms, surveys & polls to get to know your viewers

Specialized Software

Specialized enterprise-grade software for each vertical we serve with various customization options

Industry Spotlight: Education

Georama’s technology is used across the following key areas within the education industry:


Facilitate personalized & authentic live video campus tours & faculty interviews for prospective students who can’t make a physical visit (Higher Education).

Curriculum Enhancement

Bring the outside world into the classroom via live interactive virtual field trips conducted by experts and tailored to curriculum (K-12 and Higher Education).

Career Pathways

Enable live interactive tours of workplaces and engagement with professionals to expose students to a variety of career options (K-12 and Higher Education).

Organizations that are LIVE with Georama

Georama’s technology is utilized by educational institutions, tourism organizations, corporations, and more to facilitate live interactive virtual experiences. Here are just a few of our awesome clients: